About us 1 Industries

US 1 Industries, Inc. is an investment company that develops, incubates and maintains a series of independent trucking businesses nationwide.
Primarily a non-asset based service provider, we offer a diverse range of logistics and trucking services to small business owners, including financial backing, risk management, information technology and more.

We Bring Value To your business

Our mission is simple. We aim to help business owners achieve their dreams of building a successful company where they earn more and sacrifice less. You may not have the resources at your finger tips to take your business to the top, and that's where US 1 Industries comes in. When you need reliable backing from a responsible company that specializes in all aspects of logistics and trucking, let us give you wings so you can soar.

For us, there is no motive. If our partners don't succeed, neither do we. Therefore, not only can you trust that our resources are the very best, but you can be assured that you'll be working together with a company that takes your business plan seriously and will work hard alongside you to tackle challenges and find solutions. We understand you're in the market to get results and we want you to reach and achieve it. At US 1 Industries, you're in control of your destiny.

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US 1 Industries has played a vital role in the success of our company. We truly value the relationship that has been built between our two companies.

Ron F.
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Since 2005, we have recognized the value US 1 Industries brings to our company. We consider them a valued member of our team and consult with them often.

Mike C.
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US 1 Industries strikes a perfect balance between effectiveness and efficiency in their approach to the transportation industry.

Nick J.


Affiliates and partners of US 1 Industries are thriving, and they are actively recruiting aggressive new partners to expand their reach.

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